What did I learn from the mothers of Sofia?

Това е превод  на Какво научих от майките на София с google translate с цел да видя какви глупости ще сътвори. Това се получи.


Me and I got stuck in the Mothers of Sofia, I’m a mother.

Let me tell you what I learned. Before bringing the baby from the foster home, all the furniture is cleaned with vinegar!

Baby’s immunity drops from the growth of teeth! This is why you should give vitamins with cod liver oil. Surely, with lung oil will be released soon. It is not bad to give Herbal blood. What the hell is that?

The clothes were ironed twice, I did not know that there were people ironing / the water for the iron BUY and then let it evaporate to the end to die the microbes.

Baby socks are tied up so that a thread can wrap around his finger and become one …

You also have to be careful with the elevators, so if someone sneezes inside, the bacteria are alive for 18 hours!

The baby boy, if there is no erection up to 6 months old, is very worrying.

It may have been impotent!

Well, it is very important for the workmanship what objects you will put on. Serious advice is there, how to become a lawyer. You make a law, maybe the Constitution or a statuette of Themis or all three is guaranteed success.

For a child to develop properly, you need to buy a handmade Silent Book for 80lv. I have no idea what this is, but I will not buy it.

The first birthday must be in a restaurant with DJ and bass photographer. Otherwise, I do not know.

After this information, I wonder how my children survive.

What I learned from the Mothers of Sofia.

By pulling the ears, the tonsils are cut off and ending with the angina. But in boys it can lead to problems with potency and you need a specialist. I decided to see in the net who offered such treatment. First of all, Todorka from Gradishte. You do not want to know how Todorka looks and where he heals / 10th of a tug / you’re going to shoot a bullet against fear. I refused to look any further.

I also understand that mothers who have long nails are irresponsible. It’s not hygienic. How do they wipe the child’s butt and his own asshole? Honestly, I would not want to ask this question exactly as a mother with long nails looks. Last but not least, he could get an eye out. Abe cut them these nails was a lady.

I learned there was shampoo for lice repulsion. I think a collar will do a better job. It turned out that there is also a balm, gel-spray and anti-lice, with only shampoo 28 levs. I do not buy it.

If your child has pimples. First you put a photo in the group, then go to a doctor and then kill a mosquito.

A lady asks, as she said, a „non-standard question“. And he is: Where are white t-shirts sold? I wonder if the word „unconventional“ has no meaning that I do not know about.

Well, I learned something I do not know how I did not know it despite my three children. And it is that CHILDREN IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. I’m not screaming, just bothering to remember it. I also learned that no ready-made puree or food can be taken from children’s food. We must all, always and constantly, cook our children, because … yes yes, children are the most important! Now I do not know what to do, because I have never cooked on any of my children because I WANT to cook. That I screamed, you know. Apparently, my children are not important to me if I could not overcome my hate / nonsense as there is no proper noun, hatred is not enough / for cooking.

I have learned that it is very bad not to breastfeed, it is bad to nurse, it is bad to nurse for a long time. I calculated that it is best to breastfeed 8 months and 4 days. But it may be bad. However, it is bad to give water, it is bad not to give. Know that whatever you decide is bad.

I also learned that you should not eat, drink, run, cry, sneeze, cough, and whatever you think, that a child will see you and he will ask to do so. And dogs should not have, and cats, and dubious mother tattoos, and dubious dads with a vague past, there is only for well-educated children who should not get stained.

There is one thing I could not learn. When Do Children Give?

I’m not funny anymore.


I learned that Sofia moms want cameras in kindergartens, but they do not have the problem of not having access to the place where their child is raised. I learned that aggressive children should be excluded from kindergarten. The upbringing starts with the family, and such a child has no place in the kindergarten until they have been educated. And it is the alien child. I also learned that there are no places in kindergartens and „nice schools“, because it has been filled with peasants. It is good to introduce Sofia CITIZENSHIP and it is possible to establish a city-state and everyone to check up to the ninth knee, whether the whole family was born in Sofia. These are foreign children, foreigners.

learned that the school does not educate. This is not a problem for teachers to behave with children, such as cattle. Children are unruly. To exclude such children from bringing them home. These are foreign children.


I learned that mothers want the barracks to come back. Because the barracks teach the discipline. They will teach them to fix their beds and pick up their dishes. Now, men are females, and they will become independent and responsible there.


Otherwise, the upbringing comes from the family. But only foreign children are unruly.

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